For more than three decades, Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project, Inc (SERCAP) has earned the reputation on state, regional, national and international levels for providing expert service in the fields of water, wastewater, and structurally sound housing.

Our story begins in 1960, when outreach workers from the Total Action Against Poverty (TAP) agency administered a survey to determine the most pressing needs of local residents in the Roanoke Valley. Survey results were shocking! Countless residents were living without access to safe drinking water: sourcing water from contaminated creeks and springs, catching rainwater in buckets, and purchasing water at the general store. With this new knowledge in mind, community representatives sprang into action, organizing the Demonstration Water Project (DWP).

This project developed water systems in rural areas while providing community residents the resources needed to address their own water problems. The model was so successful that in 1973 it was recognized by the Federal Office of Economic Opportunity and replicated on a national level. Then, in 1989 the National Demonstration Water Project (NDWP) received a name change and become the Rural Community Assistance Program.

Today, this program is called the Rural Community Assistance Program and houses a network of six regional non-profit centers. The Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project (SERCAP) is one of these centers. We have also grown to include assisting individuals and communities to ensure they have access to structurally sound housing. We make sure that people--whether on the individual or community level--have the basic necessities of life.