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State Series: Maryland, My Maryland

In our state series, we are highlighting our favorite things about each of the seven states that we serve. We started with Virginia, and up next is the Old Line State, otherwise known as Maryland!

How much do you know about Maryland? Most people know we’re home to the Baltimore Orioles and the Ravens, that Francis Scott Key penned the national anthem in Fort McHenry (which is in Baltimore), and that we have the best crab cake recipe. Beyond that, most people can only shrug. Marylanders are always ready to talk about their favorite state, so here are 5 things we love about Maryland:

      1. All 4 Seasons

Do you love to frolic in the snow, or do you prefer to stretch out under the summer sun? Would you rather jump in a pile of leaves or pick tulips? In Maryland, you don’t need to choose! Marylanders enjoy all 4 seasons here, and have the best parts of each: beautiful colors in autumn, full blossoms in the spring, snow days in the winter, and great beach weather in the summer.

2. Our Flag

The Maryland flag hosts the colors (yellow and black) and coat-of-arms shield (red and white clubs) from the Calvert-Crossland families of Sir George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore. And outsiders just don’t get it. We can’t necessarily blame them: the flag is bold, loud, and in-your-face compared to others. But why be embarrassed by it when you can embrace it? Most Marylanders have at least one object emblazoned with the flag, whether it’s a crab-shaped car magnet (a popular choice), a t-shirt, a mug, or a beach towel.

3. Old Bay

If you’ve ever spoken to a Marylander about food, chances are they’ve mentioned Old Bay. This amazing seasoning salt is a staple of the Old Line State. Order steamed blue crabs at any restaurant in the state, and they will come coated in the stuff. It’s practically a rite of passage to cut your finger on crab shell and feel the burn of spice in an open wound, or have you hands smell like Old Bay for days after a crab feast. But the sign of a true Marylander is eating Old Bay on anything. Chicken? Corn? Popcorn? Potato chips? You name it, someone has put Old Bay on it.

4. Options

They don’t call Maryland “America in Miniature” for nothing! There is so much packed into our little key-shaped state. You want mountains? Cities? Farmland? Suburbs? Beaches? This state has it all! And because it’s such a small state, you can reach most of the main attractions in almost no time at all.

5. Water!

Not only is Maryland a coastal state, but it’s home to the Chesapeake Bay as well. Marylanders enjoy summer fun along the shores of Ocean City, and Polar Bear Plunge into The Chesapeake during the winter. The Bay (as Marylanders call it) is an estuary of fresh, salt, and brackish waters with a watershed reaching from New York to deep down into Virginia.

Our motto--Water is Life--doesn’t just apply to drinking water. Water sources are incredibly important food sources as well as maintaining the health of the land! The Bay is an incredible ecosystem for local flora and fauna; decades of restoration projects have brought back dwindling populations of crabs, oysters, and other overfished creatures. The Bay opens into the Atlantic Ocean, allowing deep-sea visitors from time to time like bottlenose dolphins, manta rays, whales, even a locally famous manatee (nicknamed it “Chessie” after a local sea monster legend). It’s also one of the most important nurseries for sharks along the east coast!  

Maryland may be one of the smallest states, but that doesn’t mean our love for this state is any smaller. In fact, we’d guess it’s the opposite! From the Appalachian mountains to the glistening shores of the Atlantic, we’re proud to serve this picturesque state.


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Sunday, 16 December 2018

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