If you are facing water, wastewater, or housing issues, we’d like to explore how we can help! We encourage you to read a little bit more about our process. After that, you are welcome to submit an online application or give us a call to talk through your situation.

Let’s Talk

A phone call is a great starting point for determining how we can help you or your community. The conversation is usually 5-10 minutes in length, as we learn more about you and determine if you qualify for our services. We will ask basic questions like your name, where you live, your income and the number of people in your home. If you qualify, we will explain the program and type of assistance you are eligible for.

Submit an Application

The next step is to fill out an application online or we can mail you a paper copy, whichever is best for you. There is a $30 application fee--which covers the cost of processing your application and running a credit check. If you have a poor credit score, don’t panic—not all our programs are credit dependent. We take the big picture into consideration, as each application and set of circumstances are reviewed personally by a SERCAP staff member.

Provide Documentation

After we receive your completed application and supporting documentation, we review to ensure we have all the materials we need. Sending us everything we request ensures the process moves along as quickly as possible--in many ways you are driving the speed at which we can get you services. Once we have all materials in hand, we are able to provide a formal decision within one to two weeks.

Sign Closing Documents

When you are approved, the next step is to send out your closing documents. You will get your note, deed of trust and a couple other items of paperwork. Once everything is signed and completed, we contact a contractor to begin the work.

Contractor Notified

Once we issue our paperwork to the contractor, we give them 60 days to complete the work.

Monthly Payments

Your loan then enters repayment and you are responsible for making those set monthly payments.

Follow Up Support

If you receive assistance as part of our well loan program, we encourage you to join our EPA Private Well Program as a follow up. This program connects you with one of our team members who travels across our 7-state service region checking wells to ensure they are clean and functioning properly.