Services and Programs


SERCAP's Services

SERCAP's central office staff is complemented by staff working in field offices accross SERCAP's seven state service region. Many of SERCAP's services are provided at no cost to you and / or your community.

On-Site Technical Assistance and Consultation

Staff assess water and wastewater problems to evaluate cost effective, appropriate solutions for communities.


Staff train groups about organization and community involvement in all areas of water and wastewater development.


SERCAP educates the public in water conservation, groundwater contamination risk assessment, and the implementation of retrofitting indoor plumbing programs.


Staff assist communities in building local capacity through strategic planning and act as a liaison between governmental agencies, engineers, officials and community residents.


SERCAP's Volunteers for Communities (VFC) Program and Self-Help projects provide volunteers to rural communities to assist with community projects such as renovating houses, digging water lines, and constructing parks.

Financial Assistance

SERCAP offers seed grants and loans for upgrades, new construction of water/wastewater projects, and for community economic development projects.

Operation and Maintenance/Management Assistance

Staff help with rate and fee structure analysis; process control, sampling, record keeping and reporting; regulatory compliance assistance coordinated with the Virginia Dept. of Health and the US Environmental Protection Agency; system-leak and loss detection; smoke testing sewer lines to determine sources of storm water inflow and infiltration.

Contracts and Fee for Service

SERCAP’s experienced and dedicated Regional Department and Housing Department staff can provide both rural and urban localities and communities with assistance for general community development and CDBG projects. Assistance may include: Construction Management, Initial Site Assessments, Initial HQS/HUD Inspections, Scope of Work and Work Write-ups, Project Cost Estimates, Licensed Lead Rick Assessment, Blower Door Testing, Historic Resources Clearance and Statutory Checklist, Home Maintenance Education, Asset Management, and other project planning work as needed.


SERCAP's Programs


Community Services Block Grant

Provides program and operating costs for training and technical assistance to low-income, rural residents and local governments.

Rural Community Facilities Development Program

Provides program and operating costs for training and technical assistance in developing adequate water/wastewater facilities.

SERCAP Loan Fund

Offers low-interest loans to low-income, rural communities for water/wastewater, housing and community development activities.

SERCAP has partnered with to offer a solution to the overwhelming personal debt crisis.'s debt reduction assists clients reduce debt payoff time from as much as 25 years to as little as four to five years.

VIDA - Virginia Individual Development Accounts

SERCAP is an intermediary for the Virginia Individual Development Accounts (VIDA) Program under DHCD. SERCAP serves Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Harrisonburg, Emporia, and Accomack / Northampton counties.

Virginia State Grants Appropriation for Operations and 
Facilities Development

Provides program and operating costs for training and technical assistance in accessing water/wastewater facilities.

Technical Assistance and Training Grant Program (Technitrain)

Helps communities understand and utilize the Rural Development funding process.

Energy Audits

SERCAP's trained staff can evaluate facilities and make recommendation to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. For more information contact Larry Wallace at

Safe Drinking Water Assistance Project

Ensures the compliance of small, rural water/wastewater facilities with the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act.

Individual Household Well Loan Program

SERCAP is the recipient of a grant from USDA Rural Development to fund a household water well system loan program. Loans are available to homeowners in all seven states in the agency’s region.

Environmental Protection Agency Wastewater Project

Educates communities on groundwater protection and municipal solid waste management.

VFC (Volunteers for Communities) Program

SERCAP's VFC program is an alternative break program which brings high school students, college students, and community organization members into rural communities accross SERCAP's seven state service region to provide a variety of community services from community clean ups to mentoring youth.

Indoor Plumbing and Rehabilitation Program

Provides water and wastewater needs, indoor plumbing facilities and rehabilitation of substandard, unsafe housing for low-income, rural homeowners.

Aging in Place Program

Allows seniors to stay in their homes as the grow older. Our trained staff will evaluate private residences for feasibility cost estimates and construction to ADA requirements. For more information contact Randy Phillips.

Office of Community Services Program

Aids communities in developing the capability and expertise to establish and maintain affordable water and wastewater treatment facilities.