Making a Positive Impact Since 1969

Creating Positive Economic Impact and Improving Environmental Health

Through providing clean drinking water and safe wastewater disposal, SERCAP supports the elimination and prevention of health & disease, and promotes equal access to education and employment opportunities. Operating with a cumulative inflation-adjusted investment of $520 million over 50 years, SERCAP has created $100 billion+ in economic activity, prevented 225,000+ cases of disease and disability, and saved 17,000+ lives.

We make a difference every day and improve the lives for all in our seven state service area.  For more details on what we’ve accomplished since 1969, read our full report: “50 Years of Water: Impact of SERCAP Efforts Since 1969.”

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Annual Reports & Form 990 Filings

We’re proud of our 90/100 rating from Charity Navigator as it reflects our commitment to using our resources and donations wisely. We also believe in transparency and are pleased to share our past three Annual Reports and 990 filings with you.


SERCAP - 2021 Annual Report





     2021 Annual Report


Form 990





     2021 Form 990