Programs and Services for Homeowners

Are you a homeowner who needs help to keep your home or community healthy, habitable, and thriving? SERCAP delivers a number of programs to help. Don’t know which program is right for you? Call us and we’ll help match your needs to our programs.

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SERCAP is dedicated to making sure all residents of the Southeastern United States have daily access to clean, safe drinking water and environmentally sound wastewater solutions. SERCAP's programs for homeowners and homeowner associations serve the needs of low-to-moderate income individuals living in rural communities throughout our seven state service region. Our programs focus on three key areas of living a healthy and fulfilling life: public health, housing, and economic development.

Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation Program

SERCAP’s Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation Program is a program which focuses on occupied dwellings without complete indoor plumbing.  SERCAP Rural Housing Specialists inspect the homes and determine if a bathroom can be added, the existing plumbing can be refurbished or replaced, or if substantial reconstruction is warranted. This program is currently only available in Virginia.

Complete the application above, then email back to Ellen Smith at You can also mail a copy of your completed application to:

Attn: Ellen Smith
347 Campbell Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA  24016

Lead Hazard Reduction Program

SERCAP's Lead Hazard Reduction (LHR) Program - funded by a grant from the Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development, the LHR Program supports eligible low-to-moderate income families who have a child age six (6) or under or a pregnant woman either living in the home, or as a frequent visitor to the home. LHR provides both technical and financial assistance in identifying Lead Hazards in the home and providing lead mitigation through lead hazard reduction services. 

For more detailed information about the program, contact SERCAP's LHR Team at, or visit DHCD's Website

This Program is only available in Virginia. 

Individual Household Well & Septic Loan Program

SERCAP's Individual Septic Loan Program offers loans of up to $15,000 to residents of rural communities to pay for the installation of a new standard or alternative septic system. The interest rate is locked-in at the low-rate of 1%, and these loans are not readily available from other lending institutions.

SERCAP's Individual Household Well Loan Program delivers low interest (1%) loans for up to $15,000 to residents of rural communities with populations under 50,000 to cover the cost of digging a new well or repairing an existing well.

SERCAP's individual household well and septic loans are available in all seven states in SERCAP's service region including: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Well Loan Application                     Septic Loan Application

If you have questions about the application, please email them to Angela Whitfield at You can also mail a copy of your completed
application to:

Attn: Angela Whitfield
347 Campbell Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA  24016

Septic System Maintenance Education &
Pump-out Program

SERCAP’s Septic System Maintenance Education Workshops and Septic System Pump Out Program delivers training, financial assistance, and septic system pump-outs to eligible individuals living in Franklin County, VA and Pittsylvania County, VA. This Program is made possible through a partnership with the Virginia Environmental Endowment.

The Program’s free, virtual workshops teach septic system owners how to properly maintain their septic systems and identify potential maintenance issues, including:

  • Types of septic systems
  • How septic systems work
  • Reasons to maintain your septic system
  • How to care for your septic system
  • What to do if your septic system fails
  • Budgeting for future septic system maintenance

The Program’s septic system pump-out is available at no cost to homeowners living in Franklin County, VA and Pittsylvania County, VA who have low-to-moderate income and have attended at least one of the Septic System Maintenance Education Workshops.

Ready to learn more? Contact SERCAP at 540-345-1184.

Essential & Critical Needs Grant Program

SERCAP’s Essential & Critical Needs Grant Program provides financial assistance to residents of rural Virginia to address water and wastewater issues which are preventing a healthy quality of life and or habitable housing. The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) provides funding to SERCAP to assist community action agencies and other nonprofit organizations to ensure grant funds and services are available to residents throughout all of Virginia. These grants are currently only available in Virginia.

Regional Application

Complete the application, then email back to Angela Whitfield at You can also mail a copy of your completed application to:

Attn: Angela Whitfield
347 Campbell Ave. SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

Lead Service-line Replacement Program

SERCAP's Residential Lead Service-line Replacement Program provides up to $2,500.00 in grant funding toward the costs of replacing the lead service-lines coming into the home for eligible low-to-moderate income  homeowners. For more detailed information about the program, visit the listing on the Virginia Department of Health's (VDH) Referrals and Partnerships page:  

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*This Program is only available in Virginia. 

Virginia Individual Development Accounts (VIDA)
Program for Homeownership

Housing Counseling Program

Are you ready to buy a home or is this one of your goals? We can help.

SERCAP is an approved HUD Local Housing Counseling Agency (LHCA) and serves 500+ households per year through our Housing Counseling Program. SERCAP housing counselors deliver individual counseling and group education workshops, and cover topics like pre-purchase counseling, post-purchase counseling, rental counseling, foreclosure prevention, how to build and/or improve your credit, budgeting, identity theft prevention, and home maintenance education. This program is currently only available in Virginia.

Ready to learn more? Contact Jacob Hodges, housing counseling manager, at to schedule a pre-qualification interview.