Meet Tony Dvorak

Friday, 15 March 2019 Stories

If you’re in need of both technical assistance for your water plant and personal fitness training, we’ve got just the guy! Meet Anthony “Tony” Dvorak!

Tony is a TAP – Technical Assistance Provider – for Florida, the southernmost state in SERCAP’s region, and he’s been part of our team for almost one full year. “I started utilities at 19 years of age, and managed to become one of the youngest Chief Operators in Florida,” he said.

Before joining the SERCAP team, Tony worked for 34 years as a DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) state certified water plant operator. Florida requires anyone operating a drinking water treatment plant, domestic wastewater treatment plant, and/or water distribution system be licensed by the DEP. In order to gain this certification, you must meet the minimum educational and work experience requirements and pass an examination. Tony found great success as a Chief Operator, eventually becoming the solo lead of operations for a nanofiltration plant.

“I truly want to keep the public safe,” Tony said. “I come to work each day first to meet my responsibilities, of course, and because I truly like to help others… I am making a positive change for the people I help and I feel needed.”

Water plant operators are the key link between water in a reservoir and the water drinkable from the tap in your kitchen, or the water in the sewer being released safely back into the environment. From following EPA regulations, to properly disinfecting water, to testing water and sewage samples, these employees help keep our water supplies healthy for both us and the environment.

As such, Tony’s decades of experience and dedication to keeping communities healthy and safe makes him a superb TAP. “As a TAP, I am able to assist some of the communities by fixing their [water and wastewater] problems, being more proactive to their future needs, and changing our resources as needed,” he explained.

Further, Tony likes teaching and instructing. His communities are not only receiving valuable assistance from Tony’s wealth of experience and knowledge, but he assists them in learning how to do it all on their own. This way, the communities can truly become independent and self-advocating upon the completion of Tony’s work. Giving our communities autonomy is incredibly important; we want the people we serve to be able to thrive.

When Tony’s not helping our Florida communities, he loves to hike in the Smoky Mountains. He has a certification as a personal trainer, too! Coupled with his love for teaching, “I work out up to 6 days a week,” he explained. Color us impressed! Tony also enjoys riding his motorcycle.

Thank you, Tony, for your dedicated work in the communities of Florida. We appreciate all that you do!