SERCAP to Launch Awareness and End of Year Fundraising Campaign by Hosting Online Environmental Justice Q&A Session as Part of #GivingTuesday2022!

Monday, 21 November 2022 SERCAP News

SERCAP - Digital Media Graphic - GivingTuesday - 2022 Q&A

Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project, Inc. (SERCAP), a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, is preparing to launch its annual Awareness and End of Year Fundraising Campaign by hosting an online Q&A Session as part of its #GivingTuesday2022 activities on Tuesday, November 29, 2022. The purpose of the campaign and online Q&A Session is to raise public awareness around Environmental Justice (EJ) issues in the Southeast US, especially those surrounding water/wastewater infrastructure needs. Now more than ever, educating the general public about common EJ issues in rural communities, and the importance of providing reliable access to clean, safe drinking water and environmentally sound wastewater facilities to everyone, is critical to the public and environmental health of our communities.

SERCAP’s mission is to improve the quality of life for low-income individuals by promoting affordable water and wastewater facilities, community development, environmental health, and economic self-sufficiency. SERCAP works towards accomplishing its mission by providing training, technical, and financial assistance to communities and low-to-moderate income (LMI) individuals for water, wastewater, housing, and community development projects. Even during the continued challenges experienced by many in 2022, SERCAP’s dedicated staff members have gone above and beyond to support low-income and marginalized communities in rural areas through technical and financial assistance, and by engaging in official EJ projects.  

This year on #GivingTuesday2022, November 29, 2022, SERCAP is hosting a no holds barred Q&A Session on the current state of Environmental Justice in the Southeast US, especially in rural communities, and the impact that Environmental Justice has on Poverty in America. For anyone interested in participating in the Q&A Session, you can join the Webinar online at:

Meeting ID: 827 1163 5333

Passcode: 165794

SERCAP has also set up a #GivingTuesday2022 Fundraising Campaign online, which can be accessed at:, or you can contact SERCAP’s Director of Planning & Development, Lauren Mason, directly at 540-345-1184 ext. 125 or via email at More information about SERCAP and the campaign is also available by visiting SERCAP’s website:, by liking SERCAP on Facebook @SERCAPWater, and/or by visiting SERCAP’s YouTube Channel: SERCAPWater.