SERCAP's Housing Department Completes Housing Rehabilitation for CDBG Project in Alleghany County, Virginia!

Thursday, 06 February 2020 Stories, SERCAP News

Back in the Spring of 2017, SERCAP was selected as the Housing Rehabilitation Specialist for the Lower Roxbury Neighborhood Revitalization Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Project, in the Town of Clifton Forge, in Alleghany County, VA. When the project’s previous Housing Rehabilitation Specialist failed to meet the Town’s expectations, they released a new request for proposals (RFP) for Housing Rehabilitation Specialist services for the project. Summit Engineering referred SERCAP to the
RFP, and SERCAP’s Housing Department was selected to take over as the project’s new Housing Rehabilitation Specialist.

Over the course of the project period, SERCAP worked closely with the Town to oversee and successfully execute a combination of both smaller housing rehabilitations and substantial reconstructions. SERCAP’s Housing Department recently wrapped up the project by completing construction for all 12 low-income households included in the Lower Roxbury Neighborhood Revitalization CDBG project. SERCAP and the Town partnered with three (3) contractors; C. T. Wolfe, Robert Welch, and Howard Childress, to provide all construction services for a total project cost of $537,300. The project positively impacted the lives of 28 individuals, including five (5) senior citizens, and two (2) individuals living with disabilities, by providing them with affordable housing that is warm, safe, and dry.

Without SERCAP’s Housing Rehabilitation Program, and other similar services, many low-income individuals and communities would be forced to go without such necessities as safe and affordable housing, indoor plumbing, reliable access to clean drinking water, water/wastewater infrastructure solutions, other community development and infrastructure needs, and more. It is important to remember that even in the US in the 21st Century; there are those who do not have reliable access to clean, safe drinking water, environmentally sound septic facilities, and affordable housing. In order to help SERCAP continue to provide assistance to both the individuals and communities in need, please consider making a donation to SERCAP’s Water Life! Fund!

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*SERCAP’s Housing Program is primarily made possible through the Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development’s (DHCD) Indoor Plumbing & Rehabilitation (IPR) Program, through County Funds (Budget Appropriations) from counties across the Commonwealth of Virginia, and through Program Income Funds from the IPR Program. Virginia’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program is funded by DHCD. Additionally, all of SERCAP’s programs in Virginia are leveraged by support from a Virginia Budget Appropriation, granted by the Virginia General Assembly and administered by DHCD.